General Question

1. Visit

2. Search by theatre and/or class, choose a date and select the time you wish to attend.

3. A account is required to complete the purchase. Click to LOGIN or SIGN UP for a account. If you are already logged in, you will skip this step.

4. Select GET TICKET to add the type of ticket(s) you wish to buy and PROCEED.

5. For auditoriums with reserved seating, the best available seats will be pre-selected for you. You can change the seat selection using the map if you wish.

6. After you select your seats, you’ll be brought to the Extras page where you can choose to purchase your tickets. 

7. Select a payment method and fill out the details required for the method chosen.

8. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll see a confirmation and you will receive your tickets through the email on your account. That’s your eTicket, you can head straight in to the ticket taker at the podium and present it on your mobile device.

– Yes you can cancel your free ticket.

  1. Log in to SeeDance.
  2. Go to “My Bookings” in your account. Select the ticket you want a Cancel for.
  3. Click “Continue”.
  4. Review your details and click “Submit a request”.


You can receive your ticket by downloading or a PDF to your mail.

  1. You can Print.
  2. Or have QR code on your phone



All the payments can be done securely via PayPal or Strip with all the major credit cards. 

Manage Event

– SeeDance’s pricing is 5% of the ticket price and $0.99 per paid ticket with processing per transaction for our default package.

– SeeDance’s pricing is 4.99% of the ticket price and $1.99 per paid ticket with a processing fee per transaction for our business package.

– SeeDance’s premium package has custom pricing.

– Review our packages here.

– It’s free for organizers to use SeeDance if you’re not charging for tickets! There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees. If you’re charging for ticket sales, our fees vary by package.

– Review our pricing information here.

– You can accept cash or credit card payments for your event with SeeDance Organizer. It’s a great way to keep track of on-site sales, and you can even collect contact information for your attendees.

– Review our payment processing options here.

– To make sure you get paid for your ticket sales, it’s crucial to enter your payout details. You can be paid by direct deposit, check (USD only), PayPal. When using SeeDance Payment Processing to collect payments, your payout will start processing 2-4 days after the event ends.

– We appreciate attendees taking the time to update their order, and if you can’t attend, it’s easy to cancel your registration from your account. Just log in to, Go to the Tickets page, and locate your order. Click your order to view order details, and then select “Cancel Order” to cancel your registration. We’ll send you and the event organizer an email confirming the cancellation.

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